Wayfarer Crafting – A Minecraft Series Using the Music of Wayfarer

September 21, 2016 in Music, Video

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Wayfarer Crafting - A Minecraft Series Using the Music of Wayfarer

Wayfarer Crafting – The Music of Wayfarer Returns to its Roots

The YouTube video series, Wayfarer Crafting, has just been launched. This series will be using the new music from the upcoming Wayfarer album release, A Wayfarer’s Journey. The first episode of the series has been released, and it uses the song, Welcome to My Journey from the upcoming album release. As more episodes are posted, they will be housed at The Wayfarer Project. They will also be posted here with descriptions of the music used. As more episodes are released, more of the music form the album will be announced. The album release itself will be coming up in late November. As one will be able to hear, Wayfarer is returning to the roots of its sound, and the music lends itself very well to the fantasy adventure that takes place int he video series.

Wayfarer Crafting Episode 001 – Surviving the First Few Days

This video series is entertaining for both those who play the game of Minecraft as well as those who don’t. It’s a fun series, in which survival and adventure are key. As with all Minecraft adventures, there is a great deal of creativity and building to go along with the adventure.

Re-Visiting Sanctuary

June 30, 2016 in Announcements, Music

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The God Ol’ sanctuary Album

In the lead up to the new Wayfarer album release and the release of new music in various forms of media, I am going to refurbish the older content on the site to make everything look nicer. Since the website is returning to the WordPress content management system, everything needs to be uploaded and added published again. As the content returns, I will be highlighting everything via post as well. Many people are just getting exposed to Wayfarer for the first time, so it is al new to them. Below is the new album page for the Sanctuary album. Each album will have its own album page now with a summary list still existing on the Music page. Sanctuary was the first Wayfarer album, and it was released back in 20.

Wayfarer Sanctuary album cover 400x400

Album Description

The Sanctuary album is about the sanctuary that we all have inside us. In this place, we keep our true feelings and thoughts. From this wellspring is we can draw our unique creativity as individuals within this life. This unique, individualized energy, when combines with soul energy is the powerful combination that makes life worth living. It is our only truly individual creation that we have to offer the universe.

Track List

  1. Sanctuary – The Anthem of the album, an incantation to the muse
  2. The Chance – Should one take the risk to follow one’s dreams? Or should one play it safe and follow the status quo?
  3. The Rage of Love – Passion is a fire that consumes the heart and drives one forward
  4. Dreams of Fall – When autumn comes, memories emerge once more form the depths of the subconscious.
  5. Prayer Dance – The dance in a bodily expression of prayer to keep the physical occupied, allowing the spirit to roam free
  6. Desert Love – The barrenness of the desert calls to us, reminding us of the oceans form which we come and the dry places that force us to fight to survive.
  7. Inner Harbor – There is a place inside ourselves where we write the stories of our dreams, full of adventure and the love of life lived at its fullest.
  8. Hope for the Lost Tribe – No matter how far we roam, there is always somewhere that we call home.
  9. For the Love of her – Adam took a bite form the apple out of his own free will, leaving the garden to unite with his soulmate.
  10. Sanctuary Opened – Do you have the courage to open your sanctuary to others? When you do, the release is a very rewarding experience.


  • Music composed and engineered by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Acoustic and Electric guitar Performed by Bradley Hinton
  • Tenor and Soprano Saxophone performed by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Album artwork created by Lawrence W. Moore, utilized an images from a hanging piece of stitched cloth artwork by Claudia Garcia Calderon

Tools Utilized

Story Behind the Album

The music on the Sanctuary album was composed between 1994-199, between two stages in Wayfarer’s early development. Some of the tracks, like Sanctuary, The Chance, and Dreams of Fall were composed while Moore was studying at Lebanon Valley College, and Wayfarer was a group composed of Steve Raab on keyboards and tenor saxophone, Willie Carmona on trumpet and percussion, and Lawrence W. Moore on saxophone, keyboards, and EWI. The remaining tracks on the album were composed while Moore was attending Penn State University for graduate school. Here he also collaborated with guitarist, Bradley inton, who recorded on Desert Love, Inner Haror, and For the Love of Her.


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Sanctuary Music Video


  • Music and video composed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Art piece utilized in video is a hanging piece of stitched cloth art by Claudia Garcia Calderon


This, the title track form the Sanctuary album, by Wayfarer, signals to one that he or she is about to embark on a journey back to his or her past and come into a story that has been going on since ancient times. It is s the story of the many lives of the individuals who have walked the Earth. As individuals, each of us has a story within the overall story. Our life is full of creative potential, fueled by our dreams. After all, our dreams and what we make of them is the only original gift that we will ever have to offer the universe.

Tools Utilized

What is in Store for Wayfarer Music

June 29, 2016 in Announcements

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The Music of Wayfarer Default Feature Banner

Wayfarer Begins Anew While Connecting to its Roots

Welcome to the new website for Wayfarer music. I am planning on releasing a new Wayfarer album in September, 2016. All of the music has already been composed, and the instrumental versions are now receiving the magical vocal work of Liza Seigido. Much of the music will be released before the album release as it will be utilized in various forms of media leading up tot he album release. I need to be somewhat mysterious about these releases because I want to make the announcements as they come. The new Wayfarer music is going to be a part of a full-fledged multimedia experience in the upcoming weeks.

The Wayfarer aesthetic is returning to the original roots of the music. I began Wayfarer as an outlet for music that is composed form the heart, in the spirit of exploration and adventure. The influences of the early music stemmed from new age, world beat, electronica, and jazz elements. These elements are, once again, strong in the new music. The production quality of the music has been brought to a whole new level, and the vocal contributions of Liza Seigido are absolutely stellar.

A 480x600 picture of Liza Seigido fo Wayfarer

Over the next few days, I will be posting new pages for the Wayfarer music and videos that have already been released. I will also make posts about each album and each video as I do this so that those who have not already gotten to know Wayfarer music can get to know it for the first time. Please stay tuned as all these updates take place. A great way to do this is by connecting to the site through social media.