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The Re-Launch of Wayfarer

Lawrence W. Moore re-launches The Music of Wayfarer with a fresh website and a new vlog series. Wayfarer's powerful blend of new age, world music, jazz, and electronica is coming back as composer/producer, Lawrence W. Moore re-connects with the roots of the music and its purpose. This vlog series will hopefully kindle a new community of like-minded lovers of philosophy, the creative arts, and the mysteries of life. Spirituality and the exploration of the universe has always been at the heart of Wayfarer music, and now, Lawrence W. Moore strives to expand on the music and delve into the journey that inspired the music in the first place.

This is the first vlog post in a series that will be maintained at The Music of Wayfarer YouTube Channel.

What is Wayfarer?

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Just like the wayfarers of old, the music of Wayfarer is music for a journey. After all, our lives are a journey. As we travel down our life paths, we evolve, change, and become different people all along the way. Wayfarer music draws upon a variety of styles, including new age, world music, jazz, and electronica. The music is thoughtful, spiritual, and adventurous. The music can vary greatly from one album to another and even from one track to another on the same album. The common thread throughout the music is the sense of journey, exploration, and adventure.

Lawrence W. Moore

Lawrence W. Moore of Wayfarer

Wayfarer is music composed by Lawrence W. Moore. Moore thinks of Wayfarer music as sound sorcery that brings the listener's imagination on an enchanted spiritual journey to a realm where dream and reality become one.


LWM Music

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Dr. Lawrence W. Moore is a composer who specializes in electro-acoustic music and multimedia art. Moore is also a software developer who utilizes his skills to make compositional tools, interactive systems for audio, video, and human interfaces. He is an educator who teaches classes in institutions of higher learning. He maintains his art music and video compositions, software developments, and tutorials for those who have an interest in the multimedia arts at LWM Music.


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Lawrence W. Moore is also a member of the Psyche Electro-Acoustic Opera Company, which was founded by his wife, Liza Seigido. Psyche presents modern, short operas that include technology as part of the staging and overall presentation. Psyche performance include lighting, video, dance, electronic music, and vocal performance. The presentations are narratives, and thus, are operas in a modern context of technological presentation and electronic music.