A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft S01E01 – A Good Beginning

As the new album release of Wayfarer music approaches, the new music is now being featured in a video series on YouTube that is a Minecraft adventure story called A Wayfarer’s Journey in. The new music serves as a soundtrack to the video series. There was an earlier launch that was similar on The Wayfarer Project, but that series has been discontinued in favor of this new one. It is better to release this adventure here at The Music of Wayfarer website. New episodes will be released largely on a weekly basis, allowing for some breaks in between each series (seasons) as is customary for these types of endeavors. I hope you enjoy the story and the music. This series can be enjoyed by both those who play the game of Minecraft and those who don’t.

This episode contains the new Wayfarer songs, Welcome to My Journey, I Walk the Land, In All the Dark Places, and A Foreboding Landscape.


  • Game: Minecraft 1.11
  • Texture Package BDCraft
  • Voice, Video, and Music by Lawrence W. Moore of Wayfarer


In this inaugural adventure in the story of Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft, our main character, Wayfarer, establishes himself to survive in the world produced by Minecraft. He finds shelter, starts growing food, and even finds himself a comfortable bed to lie in. All these are great ways to start an adventure in Minecraft.

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