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A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft S01E04 – Building Outposts Part 2

A Wayfarer's journey in Minecraft S01E04 Main Title Screen 480x270

In this episode, A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft features more music from the upcoming Wayfarer album release, A Wayfarer’s Journey. In the episodes thus far, Welcome to My Journey, I Walk the Land, A Forbidding Landscape, In All the Dark Places, and There is Evil in this World have become regular parts of the soundtrack. The Calling was introduced in the last episode and returns again in this one. The Enchanted is also featured in this episodes, rounding off a powerful program of music.

Episode 03: Building Outposts Part 2

In this episode, Wayfarer hurriedly builds an outpost in a new location that he selected in the last episode. In the last episode, Wayfarer spotted a cool spot for an outpost that was bordering both a giant mushroom forest with dark oak trees and a desert biome. This land also had rabbits, which Wayfarer did not find thus far in his quest. It also had a variety of other animals. Since he did not have pigs yet, this was also an influence toward building an outpost in this spot.

The upcoming album release is scheduled for the autumn of 2017. There are still more musical selections that will be on the album that have not been featured in any of the episodes yet. Please stay tuned for these releases.

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