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A Wayfarer’s journey in Minecraft Series 1 Episode 03 – Building Outposts

A Wayfarer's journey in Minecraft Title Screen 480x270

Because the world in Minecraft can be vast and expansive, a good technique to use to get around is to build outposts in different areas. This allows for one to travel around more easily, spend nights in different places, and stay safe. It also gives you some residence where you can store useful things and have useful items around in an area that you are going to use. It’s always best to build outposts near areas where there are livestock that you want to keep, resources that you will be acquiring and that are regenerative for the future.



In this episode, Wayfarer shows off his new outpost (first home), does some adventuring, building up of resources, and journeys to find new lands, livestock, and a place to build another outpost for the journey. The episode starts right off with some excitement and Wayfarer is now capable, with his iron armor, iron sword, and bow to engage in battle more frequently. Run away is no longer a common option.

As the title suggests, this is part 1 in an overall mission. In part 2, the adventure will pick up where it leave soff here with the establishment of a new outpost in the land that Wayfarer has selected in this episode.

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