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The Crawling Sky Meditation in Sanibel

Crawling Sky Meditation Main Title Screen 480x270

The Sonic Visions Meditations series continues with this new addition, Crawling Sky Meditation in Sanibel, which uses some of the footage filmed in Sanibel from the same shoot that the previous meditation,Meditation Beneath the Waves in Sanibel did. There is no duplicate footage, but the footage is similar. In this one, the trip goes a little further and the music does groove. This meditation is a bit more psychedelic than the other Sanibel meditation. The mysterious elements in this piece does not disturb the trance, but rather, makes it deeper and more gripping.


On the shores of Sanibel Island, one enters into the environment and re-establishes the link between one’s self and the world around. In such places of natural beauty, there is a power that can be tapped that, when drawn into the self, allow the self to project outward into what, metaphysically, is a part of the self. The world beyond is a mysterious one. When not using the eyes, the visions are different than what the eyes see. When not using the ears, one hears the inner music of the self and the world beyond.

This is a piece that is part creative imagination and part meditation. It strives to capture the experience of being one with the surroundings in a natural place of beauty. The music was recorded using various synthesizer modules, that produce a very organic analog electronic sound. This sound combines the organic, in the analog curviness of the sound and the metaphysical drrived from the fact that it is nonetheless, electronic. Spirit and science comes together as two perspectives on the same experience. One might also want to have a look at the Meditation Mandalas video series.

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