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Meditation Beneath the Waves in Sanibel

Meditation Beneath the Waves in Sanibel Main Title Screen 480x270

There is a new audio/visual meditation series from Wayfarer now up on YouTube, entitled Sonic Visions Meditations. This series is an ongoing, open-ended work in progress in which new pieces will be presented that have both a spiritual and artistic purpose to them. These pieces will all consist of Wayfarer music performed on analog electronic equipment with an ambient/meditative spirit to it. The visual part of each piece shall consist of real world footage that has been transformed into something hypnotic and experiential as opposed to narrative. These works shall service a dual purpose of both being art pieces as well as being aids for achieving quieter mental states. Below is the first piece in this series, Meditation Beneath the Waves in Sanibel.


This piece is both a meditation and an art composition. Just beneath the water’s surface is where one can look through the transparent water to the sky. Just as our ego’s lie just beneath the surface of our being, we see out at the wonders around us that are just there visually, but so far away from our ability to truly behold. Behind us is the mystery in the deep. We prefer to look outward. When we do, we are still seeing ourselves. The music was composed using the analog modular synthesis equipment listed below. This audio was then set to binaural beating to help produce an alpha wave state and a theta wave state. The visual material is to help keep the eyes focused on doing something relaxing to encourage less internal verbal dialogue.

One might also be interested in the Meditation Mandalas video series.

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