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The Sanctuary album was the first album release from Wayfarer. It draws from the influences of world music, new age, jazz, and electronica. The music takes on a journey through different aspects of life and engages in the emotions felt by one along the life journey. It is each person's imagination and creativity, tempered and crafted by their life quest, that becomes the unique gift that the individual offers the universe.

While the Earth can be thought of as an organism and humanity thought of as one, the importance of the individual is paramount. It is through our unique perspectives that we find different experiences in life and craft our persona as we journey through it. Each of our journeys is unique, and if there is any importance in life at all, then there is importance to these unique life experiences. So many explore the spiritual quest as a search for wholeness. While there is value in this, one should not neglect the search for uniqueness either. Life is not simply an experience in which we are pitted to just find illusion in our individuality and to escape it. Life is an experience of importance to cherish our individuality, shape it, and allow it to grow. For when it is over, our unique experiences, imagination, and creativity is all we have left to offer the universe.


  • Music composed, engineered, and produced by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Acoustic and electric guitar performed by Bradley Hinton
  • Tenor & Soprano Saxophones performed by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Shroud image on the album cover made in stitched and burnt cloth by Claudia Garcia Calderon


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Track Descriptions

  1. Sanctuary - The title track to the album is an anthem to the ancient, the mysterious, and the the muse that holds the secrets of creation.
  2. The Chance - In life we are faced with decisions of whether or not to take on risk. This song ponders the concept of taking a chance to fulfill one's dreams or taking an easier, more assured route that is less inspiring, but safer.
  3. The Rage of Love - Passion contains very strong energy, that comes from delicacy ignited by fire.
  4. Dreams of Fall - When autumn comes, it brings with it dreams and recollections that make us more aware of time passing and the impermanence of it all.
  5. Prayer Dance - A sacred ritual performed to bring the life-giving rains to quench the thirst of a parched Earth.
  6. Inner Harbor - The marketplace of a port city is the place in which one can find just about anything. The desire to journey fills the air.
  7. Desert Love - The heat and the dryness of the desert leaves one wanting, and the calling to love is far more enchanting.
  8. Hope for the Lost Tribe - No matter how far the road lies ahead, the placing of one foot in front of the other will always lead one forward.
  9. For the Love of Her - In a garden called Eden, Adam chose to follow his heart and stay with his beloved. While losing immortality, we have all gained the possibility of finding true love in this mortal life.
  10. Sanctuary Opened - When one shares one's dreams and hopes, the sense of release leaves one's sanctuary doors opened and the freshness of new air in.

Sanctuary Music Video

A shroud of mystery hangs before one. It is ancient, and is encoded in a long lost language. It is scarred and burnt. Despite all that it has gone through, it is still a thing of beauty. It has undergone its journey to preserve a mysterious code for future beholders to read, learn, and understand.