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C Journey by Wayfarer

Wayfarer C Journey 240x240

C Journey is an album in which all of the music was composed and realized using the computer music programming environment, Csound. Csound is a scripting language that allows one to do just about anything in generating sound and music. It is a text-based language in which one is essentially progrmaming sound over time in text, and then this sound ultimately gets outputted. It is like writing a spell on a scroll and then casting it, bring its magic to life form the text on the scroll.

The music of this album can be thought of as magical incantations that become manifest when you listen to the music. It is somewhat of an abstract journey where one experiences the sound, rather than listens to music. Experiencing the sound can trigger the imagination to bring forth imagery and ideas that come from a mysterious place iwthin one’s self.

Hear the Music

Below is a music player from which you can hear the songs on this album. You can click “open player” to open the player in a new, player-sized window. Further below are links to sites with album and single-track downloads.

CD & Downloads

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Track List & Descriptions

Coming soon.

Album Credits

All other music coded and compiled by by Lawrence W. Moore


Wayfarer C Journey is Copyright 2007 by Lawrence W. Moore, All Rights Reserved