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Meditations by Wayfarer

Wayfarer Meditations 240x240 Album Cover

Meditations contains 3 20 minute long chakra stimulator sound aids for meditation. Each one contains tones that produce binaural beating to help gradually bring one into a meditative state. The tones that are used focus on the 7 base chakras one at a time by tuning to frequencies that are said to encourage chakra stimulation. Each of the 20 minute sound experiences include nature sounds that help keep the tones from being overwhelming and to relax the practitioner’s mind.

These meditations can also be used for relaxation since they do encourage slower brain wave function. If one does not remain conscious for meditation, they can result in being excellent sleep aids.

Hear the Music

Below is a music player from which you can hear the songs on this album. You can click “open player” to open the player in a new, player-sized window. Further below are links to sites with album and single-track downloads.

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Track List & Descriptions

  1. Chakra Stimulator 1 – Campfire and forest sounds
  2. Chakra Stimulator 2 – Ocean Wave and Whale Sounds
  3. Chakra Stimulator 3 – Ocean Wave Sounds

Album Credits

All music written and electronically realized and engineered by Lawrence W. Moore


Wayfarer Tale Told by an Idiot is Copyright 2012 by Lawrence W. Moore, All Rights Reserved