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Pitch and Time – In and Out

Wayfarer Pitch and Time - In and Out Album Cover 240x240

Pitch and Time – In and Out is an album that delves into the musical element of pitch and the human perception of time. Both time and pitch are stretched, compressed, and bent in many different directions in these pieces. A variety of approaches were taken in order to achieve these. In some instances, the sounds were run through fast Fourier transfers to isolate their harmonics and partials. These overtones were then stretched in time and often shifted in pitch in order to bring out some of the lesser heard parts of the sound. In other instances, one stands back form the sounds and sees them with a birds eye view as their time domain is compressed, creating compact, complex blocks of sounds from longer, more drawn out original recordings.

Many of the pieces combing different perspectives of microcosm and macrocosm. Often, the listener finds himself or herself perceiving the music as if through a series of lenses that vary in magnification and then in reversing magnification to create far distances. As with all Wayfarer music, the quest in doing such things is to find magic in the manipulation of sound.

Hear the Music

Below is a music player from which you can hear the songs on this album. You can click “open player” to open the player in a new, player-sized window. Further below are links to sites with album and single-track downloads.

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Track List & Descriptions

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Album Credits

All other music written and electronically realized by by Lawrence W. Moore


Wayfarer C Journey is Copyright 2007 by Lawrence W. Moore, All Rights Reserved