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Sanctuary by Wayfarer

Wayfarer Sanctuary Album Cover 240x240

Sanctuary is an album that is musically eclectic, just like our life’s journey. In finding key experiences within the journey, each song reflects personal interaction with the universe. Each song reminds us that we are individuals living individual experiences. These experiences are important. If there is a meaning or purpose to life, then there is a meaning and a purpose to our individual experiences. Our own unique lives and experiences are the true gifts that we have to offer the universe. These gifts are not just our words and deeds, but our dreams and our inner worlds that we create.

Our hopes, dreams, and fears, may be recognized or can be related to by others. Yet, we are experiencing them in real-time in and of ourselves. These experiences are unique to us. How we react to these experiences can also be unique to us. Is the universe trying to learn and experience that which it could not as a whole or as a mindless collective?

In putting visualization to the piece, the Sanctuary music video is a transformation of the “shroud” image from the album art.

Hear the Music

Below is a music player from which you can hear the songs on this album. You can click “open player” to open the player in a new, player-sized window. Further below are links to sites with album and single-track downloads.

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Track List & Descriptions

  1. Sanctuary – To begin the experience of the album, this is the anthem that opens the album. It takes the listener to a place where imagination reigns supreme so that the story can unfold.
  2. The Chance – Life is full of decisions. All decisions boil down to variations on a similar theme. Shall I live at cause or shall I live at effect?
  3. The Rage of Love – When love enters one’s life, it is easy to get carried of on a fantasy where one envisions the object of his or her desire as an infallible, perfect being and strengthens one own self to rise to the challenge.
  4. Dreams of Fall – In the North, the autumn is a magical time of year. memories come up with feelings of nostalgia and the progression of holidays until the winter’s solstice and Christmas is a time of an emotional rollercoaster through hopes and regrets.
  5. Prayer Dance – As one is consumed with imagination, the thought of magic pervades one’s thoughts. Can such power be wielded through the dedication to ritual and conscious expansion? Or is this just a path of revelation about one’s self and the knowledge of the universe?
  6. Desert Love – The deserts of the world are magical places. These are spots where purification can occur. As one sweats out the toxins in the physical body, the starkness of the land also purges the spirit of that which no longer serves one’s purpose.
  7. Inner Harbor – The summertime brings warmth to the soul and warmth to the body as well. When one explores the meeting grounds in places of nature, one meets the world and the providers of insight and inspiration from distant lands.
  8. Hope for the Lost Tribe – Those who wander from the legacy of mistakes made may experience a gloominess of hope that is dim and a path full of obstructions and struggles. Yet, even the smallest amount of hope can light one’s way to being found again.
  9. For the Love of Her – In traditional interpretations of the Bible,┬áit is common to think of the decision in the Garden of Eden made by Eve as the only critical decision made. Yet, Adam also made the decision to eat form the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and chose that Eve would be his companion above all others. From this, all that has come from humanity was sprung, the evil and the good.
  10. Sanctuary Opened – After a time of great struggle, one learns to open up his or her own sanctuary to let others in and to let the spirit free. This is a time of release.

Album Credits
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar Recorded by Bradley Hinton
  • Soprano and Tenor Saxophone Recorded by Lawrence W. Moore
  • All other music written and electronically realized and engineered by Lawrence W. Moore
  • Shroud artwork on the album cover created by Claudia Garcia Calderon
  • Wayfarer Sanctuary is Copyright 2000 by Lawrence W. Moore, All Rights Reserved