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Tale Told by an Idiot by Wayfarer

Wayfarer Tale Told by an Idiot Album Cover 240x240

Tale Told by an Idiot asks the question originally made famous by the great writer, William Shakespeare. Essentially, the question asks if life has a purpose and meaning to it, or is it a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” One can derive from this one question, two questions, in fact. Firstly, does life have meaning and purpose to it? The second question is whether or not any potential author to our lives or author to the meaning of life have skill in such a purpose?

If we truly have free will, as many of us believe, then we can ask the second question directly to ourselves.  Still, what aspect of ourselves actually has free will if any part of us does? What is the self? If our lives do fall into a designed path that we cannot see, then our lives are pure illusion. Thus, we can ask this second question to that which is the author of destiny.  Once again, who is this author if this case is true? Who or what is God? Finally, there is the first question to ponder. If there is no meaning or purpose, then it does not matter who is in control. Either way, it is all for nothing except what we make out of it.

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Track List & Descriptions

  1. The Message – Sometimes, music and other forms of art can convey messages more deeply and more profoundly than words.
  2. Led Dancers – This piece asks the, “how much of our lives is authored by our own free will and how much of it is authored by fate, or outside forces we cannot control?”
  3. Jester in a Poppyfield – The world around us seems so powerful. Often, we feel like fools surrounded by immense power that we cannot tap into.
  4. Guenivere – One of the most legendary stately love affairs in history was destroyed by an illicit one. Why does Guenivere get the blame as Lancelot remains a hero?
  5. Uncertainty – When one is surrounded by uncertainty, perhaps it is best to look at those things that one is certain about. When these things do not seem as certain as before, however, then one might need to search harder and harder for what is certain.
  6. Decadence in the Face of Reason – The legendary struggle of mankind is between the emotional, felling side of one’s being (right brain) and the logical, rational side of being (left brain). It is so tempting sometimes to let the heart rule and go with the right brain, but the left brain will always be there to tell you about the consequences and that you are responsible for them either way.
  7. Words that I Want to Say to You but Can’t – Wanting to speak, but not being able to leads to stagnation, frustration, and inner turmoil. From this, however, the imagination becomes an outlet to put these feelings into a manifestation of that which is being experienced.
  8. Controlled Folly “Gekgekgekgow” – Much of what we do in life is folly, in that it does not affect a larger picture. This cannot be avoided, but one can be aware of this and act in a knowing commission of folly.
  9. Saturnalia – There is an essential beauty in the winter season in the northern hemisphere. The months leading up to the winter’s solstice outline a path of introspection and questions about the self and the world around the self.

Album Credits & Copyright
  • Album Artwork, Music, and Production: Lawrence W. Moore
  • Jester in a Poppyfield painting by Jeremy Hauser
  • Copyright 2005 by Lawrence W. Moore