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When the Shadows Came Upon Us All by Wayfarer

Wayfarer When the Shadows Came Upon Us All Album Cover 240x240

When the Shadows Came Upon Us All was inspired by a Toltec belief, or finding about reality that was outlined by Don Juan Matus to his apprentice, Carlos Castaneda. Castaneda, an anthropologist and author wrote about this lesson from Don Juan in the book, The Active Side of Infinity. According tot he Toltecs, there are inorganic beings that reside in a plane of existence above our own, but near to ours. From this plain, these non-physical lifeforms feed off of our luminous energy, stimulating emotional reactions in us that drive us to express ourselves in petty ways and to behave in ways that we might not normally. The emotional energy is food to them, and their interaction with us leaves us dulled, less energetic, and far from our potential as spiritual beings.

As a warrior of knowledge pursues the path toward liberation, he or she must strive to silence the internal verbal dialogue, measure his or her actions, sort through one’s own feelings and thoughts to find what are truly from the self and what are foreign thoughts that have been placed in us by these beings. It is a challenging exercise in mental and spiritual sobriety, but it is the only way to give the shadows a bad taste in their mouths, thus allowing us to free ourselves. Without the extra energy that we would acquire form this freedom, we have no way of pursuing the path of knowledge and spiritual liberty to any great effect.

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All music written and electronically realized and engineered by Lawrence W. Moore


Wayfarer Sanctuary is Copyright 2007 by Lawrence W. Moore, All Rights Reserved