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The Ring Meditation Mandala in the Series

Ring Main Title Screen 480x270

Ring is the first Meditation Mandala in the series. It was composed as both a meditation and a piece of art. This piece uses a number of fractal elements that were generated with an eye toward symbology. The first symbol is the ring itself, which represents bonding, such as the bonding between we human beings and the Earth. We are a part of the Earth whether we see ourselves this way or not. The Earth provided all of the material from which we are physically formed.

The set of symbols are the flow of organic matter that represents the ever-changing, ever shifting consciousness as well as the continued evolution of the physical body as it changes over time. These are various forms that flow throughout the piece. The Earth is symbolized as the rock formations that also have depictions upon them, showing our influence on the Earth as well as its messages to us.

This piece was a challenge for Lawrence W. Moore to compose and produce, for it was meant to be dedicated as the symbolic ring for his proposal to his wife, Liza Seigido. As a composer, it is very difficult to create music for a person that you love so much.

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  • Music and video composed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore


The Ring Mandala is a meditation on Air and Earth spirits joining together in a union. This is a grounding meditation for the mind and the body. The symbolism draws upon imagery that reaches our inner sense of exploration and binds it with our inner sense of home on the Earth.

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