What is in Store for Wayfarer Music

June 29, 2016 in Announcements

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Wayfarer Begins Anew While Connecting to its Roots

Welcome to the new website for Wayfarer music. I am planning on releasing a new Wayfarer album in September, 2016. All of the music has already been composed, and the instrumental versions are now receiving the magical vocal work of Liza Seigido. Much of the music will be released before the album release as it will be utilized in various forms of media leading up tot he album release. I need to be somewhat mysterious about these releases because I want to make the announcements as they come. The new Wayfarer music is going to be a part of a full-fledged multimedia experience in the upcoming weeks.

The Wayfarer aesthetic is returning to the original roots of the music. I began Wayfarer as an outlet for music that is composed form the heart, in the spirit of exploration and adventure. The influences of the early music stemmed from new age, world beat, electronica, and jazz elements. These elements are, once again, strong in the new music. The production quality of the music has been brought to a whole new level, and the vocal contributions of Liza Seigido are absolutely stellar.

A 480x600 picture of Liza Seigido fo Wayfarer

Over the next few days, I will be posting new pages for the Wayfarer music and videos that have already been released. I will also make posts about each album and each video as I do this so that those who have not already gotten to know Wayfarer music can get to know it for the first time. Please stay tuned as all these updates take place. A great way to do this is by connecting to the site through social media.