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The Will Meditation Mandala

Will Main Title Screen 480x270

The Meditation Mandalas series is a set of moving imagery that has a symbolic, almost archetypal nature to it combined with rhythmic patterns of sound. The key is for the visual and aural stimulate to capture the senses of vision and hearing in a way that they lure the mind in to a more restful internal dialogue such that it is easier to allow the mind to become quiet without fighting the dialogue. Each Meditation Mandala has symbology to it that matches its subject matter. In the case of the Will Meditation Mandala, this symbology helps to stimulate one’s will such that in the quiet mind, this part of one’s self can be revealed and connected to.

When meditating, it is difficult to quiet the mind. Our internal verbal dialogue seems to run constantly throughout our lives. if we use our senses to entrance the mind, however, this soften the dialogue such that one does not need to fight it, but simply let it go. In time, the mind wears itself out.

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  • Music and video composed and produced by Lawrence W. Moore


This piece is a moving Meditation Mandala with hypnotic music for creating an alpha state and a hypnotic video for bringing one’s thinking into the abstract. Will is the power that we have to focus our attention onto life experiences. It is also a power that we have to focus our focal point onto higher planes of existence and perceptions that are beyond our ordinary reality.

Tools Utilized


  • Selected for and performed in the Subtropics XXIII New Music Festival in March, 2015, at Audiotheque on Miami Beach, FL

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