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Wayfarer Music Will be Back Up Soon

Wayfarer Icon 100x100

The Music of Wayfarer was affected by the same malware that had struck our sister site, LWM Music. This bad fortune is being met with a positive outlook. I am taking this opportunity to make the website better than before. I have selected a new theme for the website that has a lot more flexibility and will allow the website to look great on mobile devices.

Additionally, the music is going to be presented and organized in a better way with efficiency in mind so listeners can access the music more easily, and make their own playlists in Spotify. Other music distribution sites are also available form each album’s page. this way, people can customize their listening experience.

After the musical content is back online, the videos will be put back up as well. As soon as content is restored, the website will then be fitted up with a more efficient connectivity with the social media sites.

New Album

There is a new Wayfarer album coming soon, and having a new website will be a great platform for the new release. this album returns to the more new age and global music form the original Wayfarer albums. Life has been telling me that I can leave the academia behind when I switch modes from LWM Music to Wayfarer, and I have been doing that with the new music.

I hate to announce a specific release date for the album at this point. I still need to master the tracks, but the composition, and the overwhelming majority of the mixing is over.

Please be patient with me as I restore Wayfarer to its former glory with an even higher level of luminosity.

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