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Various Wayfarer Videos

Wayfarer Various videos Title Screen 240x135

This page is the location for the various Wayfarer videos that are not a part of a series, but are music videos that are stand-alone or are visual art for songs from Wayfarer album releases. The common theme throughout all Wayfarer music videos is the intent to bring expression to the emotions, intellect, and spirits of people. All three of these levels of experience are important, and creativity that appeals to all three levels is true creativity from the soul.

Moving visual artwork is a lot like music. It may be directed at a different sense, but it is also artwork that is perceived over time just as is the case with music. Both of these forms of art have a form over time, organization over time, can tell a story, and can effect change in perception. The person perceiving the art has the artwork directed toward him or her, and has no choice but to perceive it as it comes. A painter has no control over how long someone looks at the painting. Of course, all artists deal with the possibility that the one beholding the art may not actually be paying much attention. That is the dilemma for all artists.


This is a music video of the song Sanctuary, from the Wayfarer album by the same name. As the title track for the album, this piece is an anthem to the meaning of the album. The Sanctuary album is about the journey inside to the place where one keeps his or her hopes and reams. This place is the source of our creativity and is the individual gift that we as human beings can offer the universe.

Wayfarer Sacntuary Album Cover 240x240

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