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A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft Series 01 Episode 06

A Wayfarer's Journey in Minecraft S01E06 Main Title Screen 480x270

Our adventure continues as Wayfarer needs more resources before embarking on a new build on a distant island. He primarily needs iron, but would benefit from many other resources. To be sure he does get the iron he needs to keep himself in armor and to eventually build an anvil, Wayfarer decides to go back to the cavern that s located nearby. he left a lot there during his last brief visit. It is a big cavern with a lot of side passages, so there is bund to be a good amount of iron there.

Episode 06 – Exploring the Cavern for Resources



In the last episode, Wayfarer found an island where he has decided to build a new outpost to be his main home. Before going, however, he needs some more resources, such as iron. He has a cavern nearby that he only briefly explored, so he has decided to go there an try to acquire some iron and coal for the time he will be spending in the new place. He needs to keep himself in armor and wants to build an anvil soon. Additionally, he wants to leave resources at his first outpost, because he will be back again.

For more of this adventure, please visit the A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft page for other episodes.

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