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A Wayfarer’s Journey in Minecraft Reaches a Long Sought Goal

A Wayfarer's Journey in Minecraft Main Title Screen 480x270

Wayfarer has been building Outposts, spreading across this world of Minecraft with multiple intentions in mind. He wants to have various locations to search for resources and various places of rest to return to when he is out about his journeys. One of the underlying motivations, however, have been to find chickens. Chicanes are not rare in Minecraft, but they can be rather essential. They provide not only meat for eating, but they also provide feathers for making arrows. Wayfarer relies on his bow for his defense quite often. Other than recovering arrows from slain skeletons, one needs to have chickens at his or her disposal in order to create one’s own arrows in order to utilize the bow.

One other alternative is to buy arrows from a fletcher villager, but as Wayfarer has not encountered a village yet and since they are also more rare than chickens, Wayfarer has been putting the finding of chickens at the top of his list of priorities. In this episode, our stalwart adventurer not only finds chickens, but he finds a land where there are cows, pigs, and sheep as well. In other words, all of the major livestock types are there. Could this possibly be a new home base for Wayfarer? Can a Wayfarer ever find a home?

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The soundtrack of this episode includes Welcome to My Journey, I Walk the Land, A Forbidding Landscape, The Enchanted, The Calling, In All the Dark Places, and There is Evil in this World from the upcoming release, A Wayfarer’s Journey.

Episode 05 – Building Outposts Part 3



Wayfarer has been branching out, exploring the world around him, and has established two outposts thus far in this world. Yet, neither of these locations that he has settled thus far have a chicken population nearby. Chickens are essential for obtaining feathers, which one needs to make arrows.. Wayfarer relies on his bow a lot, and thus, needs a chicken population to keep up his arrow supply. In this episode, he finds a medium size island where there are not only chickens, but cows, sheep, and pigs all nearby. Could this possibly be a location for establishing his main outpost?

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